Tylenol extra strength 500mg 24 tabletas



Las cápsulas Tylenol Extra Strength con 500 mg de acetaminofén ayudan a reducir la fiebre y proporcionan un alivio temporal de dolores y molestias menores. De la marca de analgésicos n.º 1 recomendada por los médicos, cada cápsula contiene 500 mg de acetaminofén para un alivio del dolor eficaz y extra fuerte.


Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets with 500 mg of acetaminophen as analgesic and fever reducer
It provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains and helps reduce fever.
When used as directed, this extra-strength pain reliever has an excellent safety profile.
This oral analgesic can be used by adults and children over 12 years of age.
Experience Tylenol Relief, the No. 1 Doctor-Recommended Brand for Pain Relief and Fever Reduction


Do Not Take More Than Directed (See Overdose Warning) Adults And Children 12 Years Of Age And Over. Take 2 Caplets Every 8 Hours With Water. Swallow Whole Do Not Crush, Chew, Split Or Dissolve. Do Not Take More Than 6 Caplets In 24 Hours. Do Not Use For More Than 10 Days Unless Directed By A Doctor Children Under 12 Years. Do Not Use

Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets with 500 mg of acetaminophen Cera de carnauba Crospovidona Fd&C Red No 40 Laca de aluminio Hipromelosa Estearato de magnesio Celulosa microcristalina Polietilenglicol Povidona Almidón pregelatinizado Propilenglicol Goma laca Glicolato de almidón sódico Ácido esteárico Dióxido de titanio. This contains 24 tablets


Contraindications to using acetaminophen include hypersensitivity to acetaminophen, severe hepatic impairment, or severe active hepatic disease.


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